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How does a busy mom with a young family stay focused and inspired?

As a special treat this week, I'm sharing the recording from our Group Coaching session today. 

Each week, people who purchase the monthly Group Coaching package, have an opportunity to meet as a 'team' and do their 20 minute weekly coaching session with Paula English. 
Each member not only benefits from their coaching time with Paula, but is also invited to listen in to hear what others are experiencing and the coaching they receive. 

Today we talked with Jenna, a young mom who is struggling with her routine and finding time for herself as she cares for her young family. We also talked with Shirley, and how even though she has tried multiple strategies for getting more organized, and clearing her clutter, it was a recent revelation that has seemed to finally break through her frustration. And last, we talked with Patty, who is managing a growing team where everyone has a different set of resources. Listen in to see what Paula's advice is for each of these situations. 

If you are interested in putting coaching on your schedule, email or go to


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