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A New Season

After several months of sabbatical due to health challenges - I'm back to work!
As a team, Paragon Living US is working to create events, conference calls, tools and coaching to help growing entrepreneurs create and execute their marketing plan, communication skills to turn prospects into assets, and tips for sustainability to build a green business in your community.
We specialize in working with teams and leaders, students and teachers, and marketing professionals who want to insure their business investments give them the highest return.
Visit our Store for more information on the options available:

What I learned from time 'off' - Rest is good. Sometimes the body just says "Stop".
Feeling useful and productive is essential. While unable to work, I wrestled with the fear of no longer being useful. I've always been so fortunate to work with people on a personal level, to be on the front line with them, and encourage and direc…

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