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Doing the math before you pop the question

What are the chances you would go shopping without having any idea how much money you have to spend? Most likely you would check your budget, credit card limit or have some idea as to how much money you have available before you step into the check out line. Right?
So why do we go into sales appointments or prospect calls without having a clear idea as to the likelihood of meeting our objective? It IS a Math problem.
If you've been following along with our 13 Key Elements podcast series, you know that so far we've covered 10 of the Key Elements and STILL have NOT asked for the sale/sign up. Perhaps that sounds like a long and arduous process. However, it IS the absolute way to avoid hearing "no", and wasting time with people who aren't going to do whatever it is you want them to do.
So where is the math problem?
Listen to the podcast from today on our Monday Mentor podcast to find out. 

All of the Monday Mentor call series plus hundreds of training podcasts are available in the Paragon Living Institute online library. 


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