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Yes, actually I did fall off the planet

Happy Monday
I hope you'll be able to join us today on our Monday Mentor podcast - Noon ET. It's free and open to the public. Just email for the dial/log in info.
Today, we're talking about Creating Agreement - even when you don't agree.
If you can't make it LIVE, check back here later in the day as I will post the podcast for free for 48 hours.

So, yes, actually I did fall off the planet. 3 weeks ago I was experiencing severe abdominal pain. I have always been a 'self-healer' and had placed myself on a clear liquid diet. 4 days into that, I collapsed in mind blowing pain and was taken to the hospital. There they discovered gall stones lodged in my bile duct which had triggered acute pancreatitis. The entire system was backed up, inflamed and about to blow. Little did I know that (according to my surgeon) had I waited another 24 hours, I most likely would have died. Fortunately the pain drove me for help.
The stats were staggering;

  • healthy pancreas enzyme level - 100 
  • acute pancreatitis enzyme level - 300 (this is when most folks go to the hospital)
  • mine at the time I was admitted - 21,800
I have an incredibly high tolerance for pain. And maybe, that is not always such a good thing. While I was being treated, I was in and out of consciousness and had occasion to visit a bit on the other side. It was inviting and sweet. It was terrifying and vast. I was not the driver. 
I had several ethereal visitors. I knew I was being cared for and watched very carefully. 

It's been a bit more difficult than I expected to come back fully to the flesh and blood of daily life as a human. The suspension of time and space without care of worldly worries has great appeal. 
However, whenever I was conscious, I saw the faces of my loved ones - the fear and worry. 
They drew me back. Love brought me back. The masterful care of the physicians, nurses and aids brought me back. My God and my creator said "not yet". 

So, I'm back to work this week - grateful for another day. Maybe a little lighter, less attached to outcome, and more inclined to LOVE more and worry less.
Feeling blessed.


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