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Resources - Step 3

So far in this series we've talked about the importance of activity - projecting and keeping track of how your projections of activity tie directly to your income, how branding yourself is important in building credibility and why having a clear target market increases profitability. 
Those podcasts are now available in the PLI Library, available with a monthly subscription. 

Today is Step 3 in the 5 Steps for Strategic Business Planning. If you attend the live podcast, bring your workbook to the call so you can follow along. If you haven't yet ordered your copy of the NEW workbook, please visit the Store to order your copy today. 

If you started your business with a background in marketing and sales, you most likely expected to invest in your business venture. If not, you might have expected to be able to make money right away doing FREE stuff like posting on social media or talking with friends and family. And, if that is how you started, you might be a little frustrated by now, realizing that even though BOTH of those marketing efforts may be viable, they are usually not enough to create the momentum necessary to build and develop long-term passive income.

Why is it important to take inventory of your resources AND make the commitment to invest those resources regularly? Let's talk about it - live today at Noon ET. Email me directly, for dial in information. 
If you are unable to attend the call live, come back later today and we'll have the podcast available for free until Wednesday. 


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